Seed production Bulgaria.

Since many years Mostagro is a well known partner in the seed potato business. Based in The Netherlands and active in the northern hemisphere, we know our business.

Since we started the company, as Mostagro we try to avoid unnecessary costs. If we works smarter than before – learning by doing –  we can produce more effective and more competitive for our customers, the farmers.

As we know Bulgaria for decades, we know the possibilities and potentials of the country. Together with “our” professional farmer we planned and produced government certified seed potatoes for exports. As Mostagro we are very proud that we are the first EVER to export these certified seeds from Bulgaria. Stemster is the first variety we produced. The season of harvest 2024 we will extent with Kennebec and Agria. We produce, also on demand / contract base, for Romania, Hungary, Greece and even as far as Portugal. If you are interested in cooperation for other countries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always open for long term partnerships all over the world.