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Seed potatoes

Mostagro VOF is your exclusive partner for high quality seed potatoes. Together with our dedicated partners in The Netherland, France, Germany Denmark and Scotland, we can provide you on custom made base excellent planting material. As the European- and Dutch NAK-norm should be good enough, Mostagro VOF has higher demands for its seeds. Only the best quality will be packed in our Pomselect ® branded bags.

On top of that we will provide you with tailor made growing advice. Our local partners are specialists in their field. Well trained and with knowledge of your circumstances for growing potatoes.

Of course Mostagro VOF can provide you with the good old “free” varieties. As we have better yielding and more resistant varieties we would like to advice you tailor made.

Our latest breeding program has the focus on late blight resistance as well as on Pallida resistance. As we work with several breeders all over Europe, we can always select the varieties with suite best for your circumstances.
Do not hesitate to contact us to exchange ideas and data. We only want you to grow the best crop for your customers.