Ware Potatoes.

Mostagro is a well know partner in ware potatoes. For home consumption, French fries- and crisps Industry. We can offer you several options in price and product. Our ware potatoes come from “everywhere” and go “everywhere”.

We can offer you all sizes on spot market prices, make fixed prices before the harvesting season starts and prices per week or month during the season. Mostagro offers a huge range of potatoes, white and red skinned, according to the specific requirements of the client.

Our network for as well as sales as for purchasing covers a large number of countries. Actually from Sweden and the Baltic States in the North till Egypt in the south. And from the Northern part of Scotland in the West till Kazakhstan in the East.

We assure you that all needed documents is available on the right time. As we have a long history in potato business we know all the necessary ins and outs to do the business smoothly.

The potato is and remains a natural product, the quality of which can vary from year to year. Together with the producers and packers we ensure throughout harvest and packing that our potatoes conform to pre-determined quality standards. Careful storage and transport are all important for the maintenance of a quality product.

All consignments are checked by our quality control managers before dispatch.

Feel free to contact us to discuss possible cooperation in export, import and processing of potatoes.