Ginger production Bulgaria.

In western cuisine ginger is traditionally used mainly in sweet foods, like ginger bread, ginger beer (ale)  and cookies. Ginger is used as fresh produce, dried and grinded and as an essential oil. Most ginger is imported from China and smaller quantities from South America.

In China, Ginger is grown in a very intensive way.  Intensive land-use which leads to de-nutrification of the soil, gives diseases a bigger chance to kil the crop and gives a more unpredictable yield.

During the Covid period in 2020-2022 we noticed some interesting developments. First we saw the logistic chain from China to the EU was disturbed which led to extreme rise in freight costs and unreliable delivery schemes. The second item was lack of labour in China due to lock downs during, and after, the covid period.

Due to the above facts we started trails to grow ginger within de EU. In some EU countries they tried to grow with limited success. Since 2022 we started trails in Bulgaria to grow ginger in different – micro – climates. Together with professional trail field owners we will make the next steps in 2024. The planned scale-up will take place in 2025. From than on we will implement the processing plant for the fresh harvest ginger as well.

Our aim is to make it possible to grow, with the guidance of Mostagro, a healthy ginger and reduce unnecessary logistic cost. The production will give the farmers and good alternative for other cash crops and gives the possibility for good crop rotation.