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  • Yellow
    These have a golden skin and white flesh. The yellow onion produced in the Netherlands is robust and has a strong flavour.
  • Red
    The red onion has a deep red skin, slightly thinner than that of the yellow variety. Just under the skin all the scales are also completely red in colour. Red onions produced in the Netherlands have a milder flavour than yellow onions.
  • White
    These are not only white inside, but also outside. Difficult to grow in the Netherlands, these perfectly white onions are usually imported. The flavour of white onions is generally very strong.
  • Onion sets
    In addition to eating onions we can also offer a variety of onion sets in a range of packaging. Contact us for more information!!

Grading by size

Onions are available in a range of sizes:
35-50 mm, 40-60 mm, 45-65 mm, 50-70 mm, 60-80 mm, 65-85 mm, 70-90 mm, 80-100 mm.


Union sets are available from the end of July to the beginning of September. These should not be stored for long periods.

Onion seeds have a longer viability, making them more suitable for storage, and are available from September to July.


Thanks to optimal storage methods it is possible to retain the high quality of the fresh product throughout the whole year, enabling year round availability. A relatively high dry-weight content and protection by the tough outer skin are also reasons why onions can be transported over large distances without any appreciable loss in quality. Quality is principally determined by colour, skin integrity, hardness and soundness. It goes without saying that Dutch onions comply with all national and international standards as regards food safety, hygiene and environmental concerns.


Onions can be packed in any quantity from 1kg to bulk, in polynet sacks or banded bales with a neutral label. In certain circumstances it may be possible to develop an exclusive label in conjunction with the contractor. Please feel free to contact us for information or to discuss this option. We will be happy to help.


We will be happy to advise you as to the best temperature and storage conditions for the product.

Packaging Pallet
20 x 1 kg 50 – 60 sacks / pallet
10 x 2.5 kg 50 – 60 sacks / pallet
5 kg 250 sacks / pallet
10 kg 110 – 150 sacks / pallet
15 kg 80 – 90 sacks / pallet
25 kg 50 -60 sacks / pallet

Combined transport (mixed cargo) of different packaging options or in combination with other products is possible. Just let us know what you require.