Onions grown in The Netherlands is the largest so called “free crop”. Over 90% of what is produced is for the free trade. Was our focus in the past only on exports of Dutch Onions, nowadays Mostagro imports for industrial use rather large quantities.

The focus for the export is on Dutch yellow/golden onions. Thanks to optimal storage methods it is possible to retain the high quality of the fresh product throughout the whole year, enabling year round availability. A relatively high dry-weight content and protection by the tough outer skin are also reasons why onions can be transported over large distances without any appreciable loss in quality. Quality is principally determined by colour, skin integrity, hardness and soundness. It goes without saying that Dutch onions comply with all national and international standards as regards food safety, hygiene and environmental concerns.

The import is mainly of red and pink onions. If you want to know the possibilities for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.