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About us

The word ‘most’ means bridge in all the Slavic  languages, while ‘agro’ stands for agricultural produce. So Mostagro literally  means ‘a bridge for agricultural produce’, and we strive for as short a bridge as possible between producer and consumer, purely for the sake of the best quality produce, which we select applying our own strict quality criteria.

With our meticulous methods and our extensive network throughout Europe and beyond, we are able to satisfy the demand for exceptional service with the personal touch. With Mostagro as your partner you can minimise the number of links in the supply chain. Together we can realise the keenest prices and you will also be assured of timely delivery of a top quality product, a decisive factor in the fresh produce sector.

Making the most of our background, our knowledge of the market and the experience we have gained in our ten years of trading, we have specialised in the Central and Eastern European market and in Dutch field grown produce, our open and transparent collaboration with our trading partners effortlessly spanning all borders.